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There are many ways of spelling this name:
Bailey, Bailie, Baillie, Baily, Baly, Bayly, & Bayley, are all variations.

The Bailey or Bailiff was a man of great importance and was paid accordingly by his master. Where a shepherd earned 4 shillings per annum and a ploughman 8 shillings, the Bailey would receive six pounds. He lived in the Manor House at the Lord's expense and was responsible for the administration and supervision of the general agricultural policy.

The term Bailey, now obsolete in England, is still common in Scotland where it is used as Chief magistrate or Sheriff. In the 14th Century Dionisy-eri-la-Baillye owned shops and houses at the Old Bailey.

The name BAILEY may be derived from more than one source. One of these is the old French "Bailli" originally meaning "carrier" but later "administrator". Early records mention Roger Le Baylly who appears in Surfolk Pipe Rolls of 1230.


The Meaning of the Name

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