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Joseph Bailey and Alice Ratcliffe

Derek’s Grandfather, Joseph Bailey, was born on 4 December 1870.  His birth is shown on the inside cover of the Family Bible.  His parents were  William Bailey and Mary Bailey, née  Brown.  To see the page in the Family bible, click here.

Joseph married Alice Ratcliffe, daughter of George Ratcliffe and Ellen Ratcliffe, née Jameson, on 20 February, 1892, at the Parish Church of St Andrew’s, Ancoats, Manchester.  Their address at the time of their marriage is given as 22 St Andrew’s Street, Ancoats.  Joseph was reported to be a 'likeable rogue'. Click here to see a photograph of Alice.  She was born on 20 August, 1869.

Joseph was a Plate Maker, and Alice was a Pipe Artist.  The witnesses to their marriage were Alfred Edwards and Mary Ellen Ratcliffe (Alice’s sister).  Joseph’s father William is shown as a Minder, and Alice’s father George is shown as a Spring Maker.

Joseph and Alice had eight children:

Mary Ellen (Nellie) Bailey, born 22 October 1893
Joseph Bailey, born 26 November 1895; died 25 March 1916
William Ratcliffe Bailey, born 27 June 1898
Robert Bailey, born 5 February 1901
Alice Bailey, born 30 November 1902
Agnes Bailey, born 11 May 1905
Jean Bailey, born 10 June, 1908; died September 1989
Albert Bailey (Derek’s Dad), born 19 February 1911; died 29 October 1991

Alice died on 6 March 1929, at 54 Ainsworth Street, Ardwick, Manchester., and Joseph died on 22 July 1937, also at 54  Ainsworth Street.

Here are copies of the birth, marriage and death certificates we have for Joseph and Alice, and if you would like to know a little more about St Andrew’s Church, then and now, click here.

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